The University of Canterbury Staff Club, recently changing its name to the University of Canterbury Club, is doing as little as possible to publicize the opening of its membership to postgraduate students in addition to staff.

The changes were apparently decided back in March 2015, but it was not until a Press article in October 2015 that some students heard about them. According to the article, one could only learn about the new policy through word of mouth, and if only seven postgraduate students had joined the club, the chances were low that other postgraduates would find out. The signage has not been updated, nor have the website and application form been changed.

The 600+ member club seems reluctant to shed its old boy’s club image by letting in new blood; with the lack of publicity, it appears postgraduates will continue to be left in the dark about the opportunity to spend $130 they do not have on annual membership in this club.



O’Callaghan, Jody. 2015 October 20. “Historic Canterbury University staff club allows student members.” The Press.